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Star ID
Star name
Right ascension
HD 134611
15h 11m 31.28s
-24° 40' 24.2"
HD 132072
Jamil Joshua de Jong
14h 57m 36.66s
-12° 38' 16.9"
HD 212625
Elizabeth Reid
22h 25m 53.77s
-08° 57' 33.6"
HD 132280
For you
14h 58m 41.96s
-17° 40' 45.9"
HD 173430
Alex Williams
18h 46m 26.53s
-29° 31' 26.7"

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To locate your star, simply use the co-ordinates stated on the 'Star Coordinates’ on the StarChart and use Central Star Registry to locate it. Now you can look into the night sky and marvel at your very own star.